the Civil War E​.​P.

by fishermen

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released April 27, 2012



all rights reserved


fishermen San Antonio, Texas

we are a band in san antonio, tx.We love to play magic music for you.

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Track Name: Kids
Don't wait on me,
I’ve seen the time it takes,
My artery chokes before it finally breaks,

And i can feel the pressure building,
I can sense the imminence so why delay?
In fact i can't run fast enough
I take my time so won't you come and stay

But take mine,
Stow away,
Greater vessels you have anchored,
Break mine,
Throw away,
The chains the hold me heart from singing

Well sure she's a gold mine,
Shiny shimmer sure as gold,
But notice how she profits your soul

And wee could believe that this is only finite,
Because the smart kids never notice Logos,
Just to be fair the cynics share our problems, don't we all?
Don't shy away from pointing fingers at ourselves

Your silly questions so in vogue,
Stop being crazy just come home…..

We could believe that there is love elastic,
Secured by the price He paid before performance,
A colony come kept by a king transcendent,
Desperate to capture rebels and befriend them,
And carry us home……
Track Name: the Civil War
Oh again, oh again, oh again, oh again
Let my hunger for harmony hope in the wholes of Your hands
Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,
I can see that I’m naked, my tether is severed I’ll die.....
See it again, aha!
Not consequence but cover. there's a shield. believe the
Cross it defends, aha!
A pardon paid in blood
We were once enemies now friends.
All my efforts are motionless with a respect to Ideal,
And my doubt is an ocean I’m drowning in waves that I fear,
Was the water you walked on as deep as my sin or my shame?
Stars and storms are obedient, how many times must you say…
Follow! Follow! Follow!
What a wonderful wonderful love what a beautiful sight,
Was the dirt that you spit the mud that you rubbed in my eyes,
The attraction to darkness just shadows of eternity,
Our perception now acclimate, once frightened by brightness see,
Beauty you are
Closest Most Far
Hands in there air, like we don’t care,
We’re captives of the northern army
There is freedom in surrender,
No more despair, aha! aha!
We wait on the reception party,
But why not start the honeymoon today?