Smart Kids EP

by fishermen

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Andy Barrera
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Andy Barrera Fishermen has an upbeat sound that keeps me going and has me begging for more as I listen to each track. The message is clear, the bass line is strong, and the soul is all right there, what more could you ask for? :) Favorite track: Armed to the Teeth.
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released September 6, 2015

cover art by Xavier Gilmore



all rights reserved


fishermen San Antonio, Texas

we are a band in san antonio, tx.We love to play magic music for you.

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Track Name: Fire Me Up
Why aren't You covering
Fire Me Up
I'm so tired, who loves an enemy
So please fire, fire me up

If only Your depiction of the norm was how we measured
We're all alike minded center motion yeah every one
With ferral eyes people kill, people cure they miss Ya miss Ya
Our pointed tongues pointed trigger fingers go all out
Falling out of love so set em up and run em down
Sing sentimental songs assuming we see eye to eye
Call them shots yo, cuz imma fight til Your fire falls and i die
Want You to fire me

Up , fire me up
Fire, fire me up

It's only how they function, it's all they have for now
Here i am with all my ammo asking you to talk it out
Bring swords and spears to kill the son of a gun
Sold out for what i am, but i'm not, stopping i'm just stepping down
I thought it wasn't love no
Should've seen it going down
They saw you die to flex
You caved in just to let me know
To crush on everyone turning away you're burning up
Lay down your gun
You have begun to build me up and to...

Fire, fire me up

We roll forever crew, the ancient prophecy
Not just an animal, more than my instincts
Cause i could die for love, if it would kill this beef
To meet in tenderness, Your Spirit whispering
Fire, fire me up...
Track Name: Armed to the Teeth
Armed to the teeth
We fall behind failing lines
Adam and Eve, performing as a fairy tale
I'd fatally eat
Appropriate she let it go
Faithfully He is colored envy oh my God who

Won't let me die on my throne

Vanity I, a myst between revolving nights
Run from a Sun
A shadow clock so slow

Won't let me die on my throne
Don't let me die on my throne

I'm sure I'm meaningful
I turn to rubbish on my own
We barely said goodbye
And that is all i'd ask for
So round we go again
And pray for permanence
Cause all i am is Yours

Formally free
Still fighting as You drag us on
Exodus we, the desert blossoms that You rain on
And darling I'm still holding on just like I said I would
I don't regret anything just give me everything I'm almost certain that this time I'll...

Die in your place, it's not your throne

Be sure you're meaningful
You turn to rubbish on your own
You're telling me your mine
And that is all I ask for
So round we go again
And pray for permanence
Cause all I Am is yours

You died in my place
It's not my throne

Be sure you're meaningful
You turn to rubbish on your own
You're telling me your mine
And that is all I ask for
So round we go again
And pray for permanence
Cause all I Am is yours
Track Name: Fall
all alone in apartment complex character who could watch someone standing opposite never stoppin em, and follow them down,

all alone You were watching me too close for comfort always stopping me just shy of my last breath Your offering You were calling me out

and i fall....

much more than a politic there was a wound that healed most all of it, they couldn't make out what to call of it but they followed You down
who'd of thought we could navigate by a northern star we inanimate, objects of the hardest hearts who start to beat follow You down

and we fall.....

and everyday is offering whether the sun moon earth Your artistry it's like a part of You is in a part of me cause You followed me down,
and when an anxious enemy tries to destroy platforms defending me said get behind of me cause you reminded me that You followed me down,

and i fall for You....

Romans 14:11
1 John 4:19
Track Name: Smart Kids
don't wait on me,
i've seen the time it takes,
my artery chokes before it finally breaks,

and i can feel the pressure building,
and i can sense the imminence so why delay
in fact i can't run fast enough
i take my time but won't you come and stay

but take mine,
stow away,
greater vessels you have anchored,
break mine,
throw away,
the chains the hold me heart from singing


well sure she's a gold mine,
shiny shiny sure as gold,
but notice how she profits your soul

and we could believe that this is only finite,
because the smart kids never notice Logos
just to be fair the cynics share our problems, don't we all
don't shy away from pointing fingers at yourself

your silly questions so in vogue,
stop being crazy just come home,

but we could beleive that there is love elastic,
secured by the price He paid before performance
a colony come kept by a King transcendent
dying to capture rebels and befriend them
and carry us home.....